A Message from the Principal

Thank you to Mr Payton for coordinating this activity and to Ms Moore, Mrs Warchulski and Miss Overend for supporting students during the program.

Over the past few weeks we welcomed 36 new Preps to our school through their orientation program. With a mix of new and existing families, it was lovely to watch new friendships begin to form. We look forward to a smooth transition for our new Sunbury West students next year.


Congratulations to the families who were lucky enough to win one of the many prizes in our Christmas raffle this year. Our sincerest thanks to FOSW for their hard work in coordinating this. They have spent many months sourcing prizes and as always, our annual fundraising for the school has been successful, with the school raising in excess of $14,000.


Thank you to our many volunteers and parent helpers who support the school in so many ways. School Councillors, FOSW, Student Banking, Canteen Helpers and our Kids Hope mentors are just some of the ways in which our school is supported throughout the year. Without the assistance of these parents, guardians and volunteers many programs and activities would not come to fruition. These partnerships are greatly valued and appreciated.


I wish to acknowledge the extremely hard work of the staff throughout the year. Our teachers work tirelessly to ensure the best possible learning opportunities for children but are also highly committed to their own professional learning to build and extend their capacity as educational leaders in a 21st Century schooling system. Teachers across the school have been involved in extensive regional and network professional learning initiatives. Examples include:

  • School Wide Positive Behaviours which focusses on a whole school approach to student wellbeing and engagement.
  • Professional Learning Communities where our Instructional Team Leaders have learnt to use evidence based inquiry and data to inform planning and scaffold student learning.
  • Literacy Leaders Training which has supported our growth in best practice teaching and learning strategies. In 2018, the school commenced its work, re-shaping our Writing Program.
  • Curriculum Leaders Training where staff participated in regional forums which focussed on the many educational state reforms and initiatives.
  • The SDR Middle years Numeracy Project, coordinated by myself culminated in two years of work where 35 participants across nine Sunbury schools came together to build transitional links and implement teaching reform in Numeracy.

I am extremely proud and grateful to all staff in the work that they do to ensure best possible outcomes for kids.


We have a couple of staffing changes next year. Mrs. Duckworth will be retiring after a long and fruitful career with the last 22 years having been spent at Sunbury West. We thank Mrs. Duckworth for her dedication and commitment to state education. She has made a significant impact on the lives of many and has made valuable contributions to our school. We appreciate Mrs. Duckworth’s wealth of experience and love of working with children. Mrs Duckworth has worked across all areas of the school and has helped to shape many lives, particularly in those formative years through her work in the Prep area. We know that Mrs Duckworth takes with her many fond memories of her life and time in the teaching profession and of the many families she has worked with. We sincerely appreciate her hard work over the years and wish her all the very best as she embarks on this new stage of her life.

We also say goodbye to Ms Boyce, who has taken up a position at Kismet Park Primary School. Ms Boyce came to our school in April this year, replacing Mrs Tame. She quickly adjusted to her role in an already established classroom and we thank Ms Boyce for all her work during this time and wish her all the best at her new school.

Tomorrow night we celebrate our Grade 6 students’ first 7 years of schooling at their Graduation Ceremony. As always, the students have worked hard to prepare for this evening where they share their educational journey and memories with family and friends. Congratulations to all our Year 6 students. We wish them well as they embark on the next phase of their education and look forward to hearing about their many successes and achievements along the way. Sincerest thanks to the Year 6 teachers who have spent many hours preparing for the event so that the students could have a memorable occasion to round off their primary years of schooling.


On behalf of the staff, I extend my warmest wishes to all our families for a happy and safe holiday period. We look forward to everyone’s return in the New Year. Classes in Years 1 – 6 resume on Thursday 31st January. Our Preps commence on Monday 4th February.

Inga Wilson





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