Parent Payments

At Sunbury West we accept many forms of payment:

Cash - Please provide the correct money as we don't often have change.


Credit Card

Direct Deposit - BSB 063 548    Account No. 00800429 (please make sure you use the students surname as a reference if making a direct deposit payment)

Centrepay - an option for Health Care Card Holders.

Qkr! - a smartphone app used to make payments. 


Qkr! is our preferred method of payment

Qkr - Payment Option

Qkr! is now at Sunbury West Primary

The new Qkr! app is now live for families of students at Sunbury West Primary. Qkr! by MasterCard can be downloaded for free from Apple’s app store for iPhones (iPads should download the iPhone app) or from Google Play for Android phones and tablets. After downloading the app and registering, search for Sunbury West Primary School after tapping the magnifying glass in the top right of the home screen of Qkr!, and then the app will always recognise you as part of Sunbury West Primary in future to make payments even easier. You can pay your booklists, excursions, camps, lunch orders and other school payment items right now using Qkr!  To make payments immediately why not download it today and take a look at our school on Qkr! All feedback to the school office is very welcome.  



Centrepay is a free direct bill-paying service offered to customers receiving Centrelink payments. Through Centrepay you can choose to pay school fees, excursions, camps etc by having a regular amount deducted from your payments and transferred electronically to Sunbury West Primary School. For more information please contact the school on 9740 8666.


There are three categories of education items or services that school councils can request payment for parent\guardians of students in Victorian government schools:

1. Essential education items are those items or services that are essential to support the course of instruction in the standard curriculum program.

These items include:

• Book Packs – i.e. materials that the student takes possession of, including text books and student stationery

• Bulk class orders for students to share throughout the year

• School uniform

• Transport and entrance for excursions and camps which all students are expected to attend

2. Optional education items (or non-essential materials and services) are those that are provided in addition to the standard curriculum program, and which are offered to all students. These optional extras are provided on a user-pays basis and if parents and guardians choose to access them for students, they will be required to pay for them.

These items include:

• Extra-curricular programs or activities e.g. instrumental music

• School-based performances, productions and events

• Class photographs

3. Voluntary financial contributions are for those items and service that parents and guardians are invited to make a donation to the school, for example Building and Maintenance Fund or Technology Fund.


Each year Sunbury West Primary School purchases the ‘essential education items’ that are required for your child’s schooling. These items are purchased in bulk so we can provide them to parents at a significant discount. At Sunbury West this is commonly referred to as the Book Pack package.

Payment and collection of Book Packs are generally held in December and January. The cost and dates are advertised in the school newsletter.

All payments can be made by cash, cheque or debit/credit card at the school’s office.

The school appreciates that families may sometimes experience financial difficulties in meeting payment requests. A range of support options are available to parents who have difficulty making payments including the School Start Bonus, and the State Schools Relief Committee support.


Families who do not have an immediate capacity to pay school expenses are also able to enter into alternative and confidential payment arrangements with the school. Should you require information about financial assistance please contact the school’s Principal Mrs Inga Wilson on 9740 8666.



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